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'Toddlers & Tiaras' Fake 'Reality' Exposed: Pageant Mom Admits Daughter Had To Shoot Six Takes Of Her 'Spontaneously Singing A Song'

“The leaving the house for the pageant and the arrival scenes are shot out of sequence – we shot our leaving scene three days before the actual pageant.. It is is VERY interesting.”



Serial reality-TV couple back on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas'

Since their 2009 wedding on Bridezillas, the Walkers have appeared in update segments and on two other so-called “reality TV” shows: fighting with their wedding band on Judge Jeanine Pirro and arguing on Divorce Court, in a performance they agree now was largely a lie to earn a free trip to Los Angeles

Wisdom: 'American Princess,' 'Bridezillas' actor emerges from alternate reality

I started making some bad decisions. By doing shows like Bridezillas. By doing some Court TV shows that were not even close to true.



I’ve been working with Our Lady of Lourdes school and Catholic church. It’s just been amazing. I directed their show choir. We won best young performance in Dunedin. Fun stuff. I’m also the drama teacher there. I love it. Some of these kids didn’t know they could dance.

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